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How it All Started

WE R MOMZ was created after I gave birth to my daughter. As a mother, I wanted to ensure my baby girl touches only soft and natural materials like her skin. I wanted to ensure that all the products that she comes in contact with are baby-proof and safe for her. As a mother, I wanted to help my baby maximize her development potential so I looked for toys that would stimulate her brain and encourage her to grip a toy, crawl or stand.

I spent endless hours searching online for the perfect products, reading reviews and articles about baby development. I constantly looked for toys recommended for her current development stage. This process was exhausting and daunting in addition to being a full-time mother 24/7. I struggled, I was tired and above all I couldn’t give my baby the full attention she needed. 


This is why I created WE R MOMZ - a box full of hand-picked products for your baby, customized to their developmental stage. Each month you’ll receive a variety of products – toys, textile, cutlery, books and more. You will also get a special gift just for you!

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